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Located in the Historic Highwood Firehouse, we make all of our ice-cream fresh in store with the finest ingredients expertly crafted into our signature flavors

Family Owned and Made Simple

At Chicago Mike’s Ice Cream Co, we are a family committed to offering the highest quality, handcrafted ice cream, made in small batches with wholesome, fun and creative ingredients. We will always provide you with a clean and cheerful environment, allowing you to celebrate precious family moments and the simple pleasures in life!

Our products are just that...simple. Cream from local dairy farmers, cane sugar, pure vanilla, finest chocolate and fresh fruit. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what we love. Wishing you joy in every scoop!


~The Salemi Family

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Our ice-cream is made fresh, in-store at the Highwood Location


Historic location

Built in 1953, this historic building always invokes nostalgic memories for those that have passed through these doors or live in the community. We honor those that have spent countless hours here protecting the city of Highwood for so many years. You will find a tribute wall and plaques with the names of those that have worked and volunteered in this firehouse. In Addition, we offer a generous discount for Firefighters, Military personnel and Police.

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